Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Why Choose Dig-N-Tech As Bulk SMS Service Provider

 Bulk SMS Marketing 

Today all companies and entrepreneurs have a great need for an easy-to-use advertise platform , that is Bulk SMS Marketing . SMS marketing can be quite effective as long as it can be done simply and at affordable price . This has created a great demand for professional bulk sms options . Dig-N-Tech offers a great service on bulk sms at reasonable cost along with other services as web development , social media campaign and search engine optimization . 

Why Choose Dig-N-Tech As Bulk SMS Service Provider
Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Service is appropriate for those business who need to send sms to a large number of customers to enhance customer loyalty , sales and interaction . 
Dig-N-Tech stands out as a Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata due to a number of factors . These include appropriate sms solution , reliable , reasonable pricing , customer support and friendly .
A bulk sms gateway is a great way to incorporate SMS APIs with your existing set up . SMS can come in all forms of configuration . It is important to ensure that your bulk sms gateway incorporates easily with your software .
Having the appropriate sms service provider is vital . Many providers lower their prices against a fixed number of sms and deliver messages in part to manage their profit . So be careful while choosing provider . Don't bargain because it forces to provider to compromise with their services .

Saturday, November 21, 2020

How do you run an effective and efficient SMS marketing campaign?


Bulk SMS Service is the fast and easy method to get instant leads . Within few seconds you can reach to your targeted audience . SMS Marketing is the best way to promote your business because people search their mobile ph 150 times in a day .

How do you run an effective and efficient SMS Marketing Campaign
Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata

For effective and efficient sms marketing you have to keep in mind the following :

  1. 1st of all you have to choose a Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider . There are many companies , which ranked in Google but cant give proper service . But demand a huge money . Be careful to choose a provider .
  2. You must have proper database of your targeted audience . Be careful .
  3. Make your message template attractive with giving your contact details and website links .
  4. Give some offers in your template message to grab customers .
  5. Blast message on same number per week or repeat after 10 days .


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How Many Message Send Through Bulk SMS

Today Bulk SMS Service is the cheapest and effective way to promote business . We all want return much more than investment . SMS Marketing has high ROI . Using Promotional Bulk SMS anyone can promote his business at very lower cost . 

Choose a reliable bulk sms service provider . We at Dig-N-Tech provide best service on bulk sms at affordable price . 

Bulk SMS plays a great role to spread your brand name or about your business within few seconds all over The Country as well as The World . You can send lakhs of sms at a moment to non DND numbers .
within a single click lakhs of sms can be send using bulk sms gateway . 

How Many Message Send Through Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Why Dig-N-Tech , A Bulk SMS Service Provider is different from other providers

 Dig-N-Tech Is Slightly Different From Other Providers 

We provide not only bulk sms service , but also other digital marketing services . Our various products helps any kind of business for their expansion . We provide customized packages on promotional 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How Bulk SMS Can Generate Leads For Your Business

Bulk SMS Service Plays A Great Role For Lead Generation

     Bulk SMS Service is an easy sms gateway tool , using this service you can send messages in bulk through a single click . You must have proper data of your existing customers or of targeted audiences . 
     If you send sms through a regular basis about your products or services giving updates , discounts , coupons or gift vouchers with product , it will crabs your customers . This helps to generate leads more . Keep your brand in their top of mind . So , when they search something related to your product or that you can provide , they should mind you . 

     Bulk SMS has an another network coverage . It gives reliable service for both local and global . Always be connected with your customers . Get more traffics to your websites using this service .

Bulk SMS Service Plays A Great Role For Lead Generation
Bulk SMS Service 

     Statistics shows 60% of Indian population use mobile and they check phones 150 times in a day . Unlike other services like e-mail marketing , whatsapp marketing , social media ads , Bulk SMS Service is cheap and affordable , accessible too . People can check sms easily rather than other digital services .
     So , think about its productivity and try for your better business . It do works effectively .

     Search a reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider . Please dont bargain . It compels providers to compromise with their services . If you choose us , Dig-N-Tech Pvt.Ltd , a reliable sms provider you will get exactly what you want . 

Features Of Promotional Bulk SMS :-

     1) Open rates
     2) Cheap and High ROI
     3) Build your good relationship
     4) It generates faith
     5) Highly targeted
     6) Generate repeat sales
     7) Delivery time 9am to 9pm
     8) Personalized sender Ids
     9) Sent nDND numbers or registered DND numbers
     10) Instant delivery

Monday, May 11, 2020

Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata , Dig-N-Tech

                  Choose The Proper Bulk SMS Provider

   Bulk sms service is the simplest and easiest method to promote any kind of business . You can reach to lakhs of people within 6 to 7 seconds . Statisics shows normal people check their message 150 times in a day . Using sms marketing you could be connected with your targeted audience informing them about your newly launched product , seasonal offers, discounts , limited offers and keep your brand name in their top of mind . 
   So choose a promotional sms provider which can provide successful promotional sms that exactly you want . Don't bargain. Because bargaining forces provider to do compromise with their services . Take a service . See result . Then be connected for long time . We , at Dig-N-Tech provide promotional bulk sms at affordable price and will give you the best best services .


Monday, April 27, 2020

Bulk SMS Marketing


        Today I am going to write about BULK SMS MARKETING . My dear friends , we all know , in this tough competitive era the business competition is high . Everyone wants to reach on the top beating others . All of you use various technology or methods to promote your business , many of those are costly .

        Statisticsshows us 50% of population in this world use mobile phones and check theirphones many a time in a day . 90% of users check their messages within 6seconds . So mobile marketing is the best method to generate traffic to your business .

        Any kind of business , like large export import business or small retail business each needs promotion in a regular basis . See, off-line advertisements including hording, banner, announcement are costly with respect to ROI ( return of invest ) , which should be keep in mind . Maximum business promotion are going through on-line basis .
        On-line ads include e-mail marketing , whatsapp marketing , mobile marketing ie. sms marketing , social media campaign , social media marketing , pay per click etc. But all are not possible to be checked to everyone all time except SMS MARKETING . We can check messages all time and we do it . Don’d bound your business , let it spread . Use bulk sms service . Using it you you can reach to your existing customers or new with your new product or services , you should keep valid data of your customers .


        SMS Marketing is a direct marketing . Direct marketing is a form of advertisement where a business advertises its product or services to a potential or existing customers through direct communication channels . A direct communication channel can be email, sms , messenger app, cold calling, direct mailing. It also known as direct approach marketing .
        SMS Marketing is sending a promotional message to your customers mobile phones . It makes direct relation between business and customers .  It is best used for remarketing to sell  more product or services to the existing customers . It is an easy tool to stay in contact & retain existing customers . 
SMS Marketing is based on getting the customer’s permission with opt in and opt out features . Once you have this permission you can send them message  on a regular basis to keep your company top in mind , present them with offers to try and get them to buy additional products services or remind them of what they have purchased from you to increase product usage . The fact that people check their phones so often makes sms a great marketing tool.


·      Business sends out sms to its target audience .
·      The character limit for the sms is 160 .
·      You can send longer message however , after every        160 characters it will be treated as additional message.
·      Sender ID is of 6 characters .
·      These messages could be promotional or transactional sms .
              PROMOTIONAL SMS
·      Send by business to promote their offerings.
·      Delivery window: 9 am to 9 pm
·      Can’t send to DND numbers.
·      Send in a reply to the action taken by the users, E.g OTP, Delivery order/payment confirmation.
·      Delivery window : 24 hours
·       Sent to DND/ NON DND numbers. Used in banking sectors specially .

     Composing SMS
·      Use normal language , no short forms.
·      Make 1st line attractive by spelling out “ The Offer”.
·      Personalize the message.
·      Think of notification on smart phones. Only part of the message appears as notification . Compose message so that the part appearing as notification creates interest.
·      Provide opt out mechanism.
        WHAT WORKS
·      Deals / Discounts
·      Exclusive messages
·      Latest information


Why Choose Dig-N-Tech As Bulk SMS Service Provider

 Bulk SMS Marketing  Today all companies and entrepreneurs have a great need for an easy-to-use advertise platform , that is Bulk SMS Market...