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What are the requirements steps & budgset to setup bulk SMS reseller business?

Bulk SMS is a Worldclass Marketing tool to grow your business. SMS Marketing can be use in Financial, Educational, Ecommerce, Banking and other arenas.
If you are looking for a opportunity to start as a reseller business of BulkSMS, We can assist 
  • We cater supreme services to our Bulk SMS resellers for long term relationship.
  • Zero cost setup for resellers, we allow you to sell Bulk SMS on your own website or other online platforms under your brand name or identity.
  • One of the most paramount Bulk SMS resellers of India with supreme & user friendly messaging control panel.
     Needs no technical knowledge for set up of white label messaging panel. Quiet simple and easy to use interface allows the SMS resellers to sell more SMS packages and proactively access to customer support.
  • Customize your web site with Bulk SMS India Login panel and signup options and list up unlimited users.
  • Decide your own SMS package price, get unlimited sender ids and API integrations for SMS, Long/Short codes.
  • Manage the user panel accounts and gain privileged permissions to add or substract number of SMS fro user.
     Instantly activate our SMS reseller business with zero upfront cost.
you, without any budget or Investment, you can start as a reseller.

Is bulk SMS beneficial for all?

Bulk SMS Service is the things creating big differences in the marketing strategy of various brands. Every business with a large customer base uses this tool to engage with the consumers and market the products and services.
For all the business owners who are confused about adding this tool to their marketing strategy, here are a few amazing benefits of having a Bulk SMS gateway provider.

Benefits of using Bulk SMS , Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata

A fast method to reach your customers
The technology has enhanced the communication system to a great extent. And the bulk message sending further increases the effectiveness of reaching out to the customers for the businesses. Organizations hire the services, so that, they can act on their marketing strategies at the speed of light. It takes 6 to 7 seconds and the company sends the promotional message to all the mobile numbers of the possible buyers.
Better than email marketing
With the SMS system, one doesn’t have to worry about the spam or filters. The message reaches directly into the pockets of the consumers. This helps in getting the maximum returns on the investments made in the strategy.
Easy customization
As a single message is sent out to a large target group of people, it requires minimal changes to add updates in the content. This is how a company can frequently add information about the new products or services in the content and send it to all the targeted audience.
Gets better engagement
Mobile is the most personal possession of people today. Most of the youth generation spends 80% of their day going through their mobile. This is why SMS service proves to be a great help in engaging the potential buyer and grab their attention. No other method is as effective as this one when it comes to engaging people.
To the point
The “To the point” approach to this service is a great advantage for marketers to send a clear message to their target consumer. It doesn’t have all the unnecessary clutter that decreases the effectiveness of the core message. It only focuses on the concise.
Covers all demographics
There is no other better method to tap the targeted market. The range of this service has no limit, due to the fact that there are more mobiles on this earth than the number of people living.

Monday, December 16, 2019

How can you earn a good amount of money if you avail bulk SMS service as a reseller?

  • Finding out absolutely new products and suppliers which add total value and improve your revenue
  • After becoming a reseller, you can easily find affiliate ideas which add increased and greater form of revenue from your website
  • You can also find franchise opportunities
  • Stay updated about the latest industry news and updates
When you become a reseller of bulk SMS services, these are just some of the core benefits that you can expect to have. Other than and even with these benefits at their core; here are more uses of becoming a reseller.
You avail complete understanding of how the entire industry of bulk SMS works. The entire process of sending SMS and delivering just pinpointed, regulated set of messages to a defined set of audiences increased and expands your message.
By becoming a bulk SMS reseller, you avail the complete advantage of earning a good source of revenue. The more revenue you generate; better can you understand the entire industry. Also, you get a complete, full-fledged idea of how the industry works. The more messages services you sell, better chance is for you to earn sustained revenue.
So, the entire industry is competitive but if you can position yourself in a defined manner and cater to the unique needs of clients on time, without having to worry them anything; becoming an SMS reseller helps.
When it comes to SMS reselling, you need to consider a few importantly vital things which you need to know. Before choosing just any type of company for SMS reselling; you actually should trust a professional service provider or bulk SMS company that has a proven record of generating higher yield for its reseller. You should choose a noble, and professional service provider who has been offering up to the mark, and absolutely valuable range of services and is positioned and regarded well by its resellers.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

which sectors need bulk sms service

Bulk SMS Services can be used for the in many sectors like:
E-commerce: A2P messaging creates a great opportunity for online stores in terms of promoting products, particularly in the e-commerce business for their customers.Use bulk sms service
Mobile Banking & Financial Services: A2P can be useful for notifying the customers i.e. will be helpful in sending bulk sms to your customers informing about their new plans,accounts detail,transaction detail,alert on on-line payment,bill payment ,ATM usage alert etc.
Travel agencies : A2P is useful for travel agency in terms like they can advertise about their latest tour packages through bulk sms like Honeymoon package, Adventure tours and country wide trips. It is also an easy way to keep in touch with your customers. They create a database of there customers, who are interested in any particular package.
Airlines : Airline companies can use A2P services for updating their passengers with information regarding their flight details. Also helps in updating about last minute changes via bulk SMS.
Hotels : A2P helps in minimizing vacancy rates, especially during quiet periods, bulk SMS will helps to send special room discounts and deals. Offers such as weeknight and last-minute sales will help to fill vacant rooms and drive revenue during the off-peak season.
Government Agencies : A2P helps government agencies in increasing public awareness initiatives with attractive media-rich bulk SMS for wide range of programs in healthcare, education, Swach Bharat, voter registrations and more!
Educational Institutes : Can use for informing students about classes and up-coming institute’s events and also used for communicating with parents in terms of sharing their child's performance report.

bulk sms service provider

The cost of a product or service much depends on the volume you buy and how often you buy; it is a simple business concept everyone knows.
If you think that the margins are less when you become a reseller then you have to approach the telecom operators like vodafone, idea, reliance, MTNL, BSNL, etc. You can negotiate a better price for the volume you consume monthly, quarterly, or annually. Usually, you will get a good deal only if your volume is in many crore sms credits per month. If your volume is in few lakh credits then the companies like us (india no 1 bulk sms service) offer much better prices than operators since we have bigger and better deals with the operators.
Most operators provide the gateway and you need to develop the interface and manage servers for that at your end; the investment will be more.
Many enquiries to us ask for a price lesser than what operators offer us. This happens because few companies are selling at unbelievably low prices and they do NOT send the messages to their operators but show delivered or sent status to users (unscrupulous practice). Also many people fall for this.
Another option for very low cost per message is to start a telecom company with few thousand crore rupees investment!
Being associated with a bulk SMS company india no 1 bulk sms service for few years, I suggest you to try a FREE demo account before making your decision.

Why Choose Dig-N-Tech As Bulk SMS Service Provider

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