Monday, April 27, 2020

Bulk SMS Marketing


        Today I am going to write about BULK SMS MARKETING . My dear friends , we all know , in this tough competitive era the business competition is high . Everyone wants to reach on the top beating others . All of you use various technology or methods to promote your business , many of those are costly .

        Statisticsshows us 50% of population in this world use mobile phones and check theirphones many a time in a day . 90% of users check their messages within 6seconds . So mobile marketing is the best method to generate traffic to your business .

        Any kind of business , like large export import business or small retail business each needs promotion in a regular basis . See, off-line advertisements including hording, banner, announcement are costly with respect to ROI ( return of invest ) , which should be keep in mind . Maximum business promotion are going through on-line basis .
        On-line ads include e-mail marketing , whatsapp marketing , mobile marketing ie. sms marketing , social media campaign , social media marketing , pay per click etc. But all are not possible to be checked to everyone all time except SMS MARKETING . We can check messages all time and we do it . Don’d bound your business , let it spread . Use bulk sms service . Using it you you can reach to your existing customers or new with your new product or services , you should keep valid data of your customers .


        SMS Marketing is a direct marketing . Direct marketing is a form of advertisement where a business advertises its product or services to a potential or existing customers through direct communication channels . A direct communication channel can be email, sms , messenger app, cold calling, direct mailing. It also known as direct approach marketing .
        SMS Marketing is sending a promotional message to your customers mobile phones . It makes direct relation between business and customers .  It is best used for remarketing to sell  more product or services to the existing customers . It is an easy tool to stay in contact & retain existing customers . 
SMS Marketing is based on getting the customer’s permission with opt in and opt out features . Once you have this permission you can send them message  on a regular basis to keep your company top in mind , present them with offers to try and get them to buy additional products services or remind them of what they have purchased from you to increase product usage . The fact that people check their phones so often makes sms a great marketing tool.


·      Business sends out sms to its target audience .
·      The character limit for the sms is 160 .
·      You can send longer message however , after every        160 characters it will be treated as additional message.
·      Sender ID is of 6 characters .
·      These messages could be promotional or transactional sms .
              PROMOTIONAL SMS
·      Send by business to promote their offerings.
·      Delivery window: 9 am to 9 pm
·      Can’t send to DND numbers.
·      Send in a reply to the action taken by the users, E.g OTP, Delivery order/payment confirmation.
·      Delivery window : 24 hours
·       Sent to DND/ NON DND numbers. Used in banking sectors specially .

     Composing SMS
·      Use normal language , no short forms.
·      Make 1st line attractive by spelling out “ The Offer”.
·      Personalize the message.
·      Think of notification on smart phones. Only part of the message appears as notification . Compose message so that the part appearing as notification creates interest.
·      Provide opt out mechanism.
        WHAT WORKS
·      Deals / Discounts
·      Exclusive messages
·      Latest information


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